Full-scope industrial, commercial, institutional and residential surface preparation and cleaning services. Our experienced and qualified staff delivers quality workmanship within the Caribbean, US and Central America.
Today’s businesses move fast and are in production 24/7 which means their demands need to be met rapidly and efficiently. Painting of storage and industrial facilities requires fast performance and coordinated schedules. We plan our services around manufacturer’s, and business’s down time, to assure interrup-tions in normal operations are minimal to none. May of our services are developed specifically for execution in high-traffic, actively operat-ing environments depending on the client’s requirements. Our surface preparation and cleaning services encompass painting, renovation repair, blasting, coating, clean up related to smoke damage, removal of rust and oxidation, preparation of pipes and tanks and much more. We decontaminate all industrial, commercial and residential surfaces, machinery and equipment with a full commitment to safety


We offer full-scope of surface preparation and cleaning for the equipment, interior or exterior of your warehouse or manufacturing, including thin film intumescent coatings on steel for fire prevention, machinery re-refinishin, corrosion resistant finishing, and towers and storage tanks upkeep. When it comes to industrial plants, our staff has extensive experience with both materials and application and we adhere to strict safety guidelines, environmen-tal safeguards, and property protection.


From painting to renovation of the interior or exterior of the commercial and residential structures we implement the same safeguards and operational protocols as we do in all our indus-trial projects. MCCL maintains the necessary liability, workers’ compensation, and bond assurances. We deliver fast turnaround, quality workmanship and commitment to safety standards.