CCTV & PA system

A CCTV monitoring system is essential to ensure the security of any property. However, the CCTV equipped with an acoustic warning and PA system can upgrade pro-active preventative security measures to reactive ones. The main goal is to impact people and guide their behaviour with an audible warning. Security operators can deliver a warning announcement using an OCP16 control unit installed in their control centre.

Small acoustic CCTV system
The Screamer electronic siren contains several wired and wireless inputs and outputs that enable its interconnection with other devices, such as a camera system. Therefore, not only a police officer or security guard can passively watch what is happening, such as a crime or public nuisance, but they can get actively involved in the situation. For example, they can scare away the thief or nuisance maker using live voice output. The sound distribution system can be utilised at a range of facilities like public parks, sports stadiums, swimming pools, beaches, or university campuses.