Why You Should Hire a Fire Protection Company

Hiring a fire protection company keeps people safe and protects buildings from the dangers of fires and the fatalities that come with them. Property managers, in particular, should be aware of the benefits of hiring a fire protection company and how these companies can protect their buildings and the people living in them. If you […]

10 Ways to Keep Your Industrial Building Safe

If you own an industrial facility, industrial building safety should be at the top of your priority list.  There are all sorts of things you have to take into consideration when it comes to industrial building safety, including, but not limited to: Fire protection systems Protection from intruders Emergency lighting Carbon monoxide detectors To ensure […]

Does EEHA Expire?

A common belief is that EEHA Refresher training is mandatory every 2 years. This is Not True! There is no specified interval requirement when it comes to EEHA refresher training. It is recommended by many organisations but not mandatory. If you ask me, I will do a CPR refresher every year, not because it is mandatory, but […]