MES is a multidisciplinary industrial contractor serving the Bangladesh. We provide real value to all of our clients by achieving the best in the industry results and the highest level of professionalism in every service, project, and structure we deliver. Our managing team strives to sustain an environment where all of the team members continuously better their skills and maintain the highest level of proficiency in their respective areas. It was this consistent development of competence and talent that fueled our growth over the years as the scale of our projects increased in both size and complexity. 


Message from MD

MES Engineering Tech is a highly diversified, multidisciplinary contractor and an industry leader in Engineering works. Our team has earned its place in today’s competitive market through a combination of our core beliefs and the consistent delivery of superior services and quality end products and works. The individualized care and unwavering attention that we bring to all of our projects are deciding factors in why our clients continuously choose us. We understand that it takes more than a qualified provider to win the customer’s confidence, especially when it comes to complex or highvalue projects. That is why, from the very beginning, our company has been built upon a strong foundation of integrity, honesty, safety, and quality.

Engr. Abu Sayed

Managing Director, MES Engineering Tech

WE HAVE STRONG Portfolio Work

We offer lab practise facilities for weak students where they can practice the task and be able to hold the attention by solving what is not understood by them.

Why Choose us

clients satisfaction

 Our ultimate goal is to ensure satisfaction of both clients  by supplying products and services of the highest quality.

highest quality

 Using high-class brass material to  ensure  the health of water using from source. Low pressure casting.

Innovative design

Innovative design that makes flushing effcient and cleaning.No differentiation in terms of design and colour.

24/7 Support

  It forms a strong hydrophobic shield  which  prevents th e build-up  of bacteria and germs.

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We incorporate multiple ASME qualified procedures, always adhering to the strictest fabrication guidelines and safety measures that meet the industry’s highest standards.